Passive income to live Traveling.

Having a recurring source of income is essential to be able to live traveling around the world.

Obviously, we have some money saved, but that savings will not give us to live more than a year and a half at the most. Keep in mind that in addition to monthly expenses, viale trabajo   we must also have savings for travel back to Spain to visit the family.

In the end, if you do not have a source of monthly income, we will have a feeling of anxiety that will not be good for the boat's good vibes.

Many sailors combine life at sea with another type of income. There are people who offer themselves as a mechanic. Others live the winter season in the Caribbean and in summer in the Mediterranean and rent their boat to families who want to sail with them. Others offer themselves as a professional skipper to take boats from one area to another and thus be able to live traveling, although in exchange they have to sacrifice being able to be with their family. catalogo el corte ingles ropa 

These are all examples  andrea zapatos of non-passive income. That is, to generate the income you must dedicate your time to fix boats, to take care of a family that is on your boat or to take boats from one area to another.  amazon Your present time in exchange for money.

Passive income is obtained automatically and recurrently without dedicating our time to said income. Or at least not dedicate our present time.

The most common example of passive income is the sale of a book.  unique ofertas You spend many hours of your time writing a book, but once written the income can continue to enter for years.

Another classic example of passive income are house rentals. catalogo unimoda You must work for several years to buy a house, but once the house is yours, you can rent it and generate a monthly income without practically spending time.

Therefore, we have a year ahead to create a system that works for us while we are on the boat and thus obtain recurring passive income.

In our case, the passive income that we are going to try to obtain will come catalogo avon from the following options:

Rent of our habitual residence.

The reality is that neither of us is excited to rent our house. zapatos andrea They have been working for many years to get the house that we want and it really hurts us that a family occupies our space.

But the reality is that we still have to pay part of the mortgage and we need to make our housing profitable to be able to pay that part of the mortgage and the remaining amount that becomes part of our recurring monthly income.