An infoproducto is simply an information product. A digital book is a product that contains information. But a digitized course can also be an infoproducto. That is, a course that you can buy and download online.

In our case, the main monthly income will  andrea  ofertas  come from the sale of digital courses.Since 2007 I write in my blog of  and since 2018 I started to monetize it and the monthly income has not stopped growing. At this moment I have for sale two courses related to the import from shoes:

 The Perfect Provider: This is a video course in which I explain how we can locate suppliers in China and how we should do to avoid being scammed.

Optimize your purchases in China: In this course I explain how the entire import process works and how you should carry it out to avoid making mistakes and optimizing shipments from China.

Undoubtedly, creating the two courses took me sooooooooo time. mundo terra  2019 pedidos  Especially the first one. But once created, I do not have to dedicate any time to them. catalogo amelissa Readers / clients of the blog buy them and download them without me having to manage anything in the system. The magic of automation!These are courses in which I go out talking and explaining all the processes. Also in each course I include templates and worksheets. shoes store

But once created, you only have to automate sales so that interested readers finally end up buying them.It is the magic of automation and passive income. A whole world that is growing in

 Finishing the first rental season.

 The rental season is coming to an end. It has been catalogo azaleia   a very stressful season. Almost everything happened to the Satchmo. I had to lower the mainsail 3 times and repair it in-extremis twice. Bearing in mind that the boat is returned in the morning and delivered in the afternoon any unforeseen event that needs some kind of repair is a real madness !!

 Some customers stopped the engine in the port of San Antonio  . amazon and had to notify a mechanic in the same port (luckily they do not stop the engine in an anchoring). The anchor windlass did not work well until we had to change the third week of August. I changed the battery charger because some customers left the wet fins on the old charger. I changed the anchor chain because the new windlass did not accept an unregulated chain. Some other broken stopper, etc, etc ...

 Virtually all customers who returned the Satchmo delivered it with some piece to repair. None of them have received bail since the boat is years old and it does not seem ethical to collect the bail for a break in a ship of 1990. catalogo look terra In most cases the problems are caused by the age of the boat ...

What I can guarantee is that this year I learned what a particular navigator can learn in 5 years. Having problems and solving them makes you gain experience at forced marches and that is really the main reason to get involved in this adventure. No, it's not profitability. catalogo cherry  Profitability is secondary. The main thing is to learn and nothing better to learn than to make many mistakes, in this case those who make mistakes (or break pieces) are the customers but in this way you learn a lot, it is an intensive course in navigation. cortes de pelo corto mujer

I have been able to sail a lot with my sailboat. Alone, with the family, with Maria and with Sara. We have had a great time and in summary the season has been good. Every week of July and August have been rented except for the two weeks I had reserved for me.